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Synthetic material especially for hoof care
The hooves of cattle are subject to infections and/or inflammation whatever standards of husbandry are employed. Such conditions are not only distressing to see and worthy of attention from an humanitarian aspect, but affect the mobility of the animal and cause pain and stress which can adversely affect both milk yields and weight gains.

It is therefore important to take all steps to treat these conditions in the best possible manner and so limit economic losses that would otherwise occur. The primary medical treatment of the affected hoof should be undertaken as soon as possible, and as an adjunct to this treatment Demotec 90 can frequently be employed to great advantage.

What is Demotec 90?
Demotec 90 is a quick-setting resin supplied as a powder and liquid which, when mixed together (in a beaker that is provided together with a spatula), forms a paste. The paste is then used to bond a wooden block to the bottom of the sound claw of a hoof.

When is Demotec 90 of use?
Usually it is found that only one claw is affected and so it is possible to bond a wooden block to the sole of the sound claw.

This not only raises the affected claw out of the dirt, so making medical and surgical treatment more effective, but more importantly it shifts the weight onto the good claw allowing the affected claw to rest.

How to use Demotec 90
Preparation of the good hoof will be necessary by trimming the sole and sides to give a good bearing surface. After cleaning off any loose bits it should be cleaned with spirit so that it is completely free of particles and grease, and then allowed to dry.

Using Demotec 90 means:

  • a more effective treatment for lameness
  • accelerated hoof repair
  • a reduction in “economic” losses
  • a simple treatment – easy to use
  • an economically-priced product

The mixing and application of Demotec 90
The powder and liquid should then be mixed according to instructions. Within two minutes a malleable paste will be formed which should be applied liberally onto both the sole of the claw and the wooden block.

Having pressed the block well onto the claw the surplus material should be quickly shaped round the sides of the claw and block as the paste will have set completely within 4 – 6 minutes. When cold it will withstand heavy loads.

To immobilise the affected claw completely, bond the diseased claw to the healthy claw – again with Demotec 90.

When working with the paste, soapy hands will prevent adhesion to the skin.

When the affected claw has been completely cured the wooden block can be removed using pincers, hammers or other suitable tools.

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