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Demotec 95 Kit Size: 14 or 42


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The cost-effective, clean and quick “cure”
The hooves of cattle are subject to infections and/or inflammation whatever standards of husbandry are employed. Such conditions are not only distressing to see and worthy of attention from an humanitarian aspect, but affect the mobility of the animal and cause pain and stress which can adversely affect both milk yields and weight gains.

It is therefor important to take all steps to treat these conditions in the best possible manner and so limit economic losses that may otherwise occur.

Hoof problems in cattle can lead to pain, distress and economic loss

The important adjunct to primary medical care
The primary medical treatment of the affected hoof should be undertaken as soon as possible, and as an adjunct to this treatment Demotec can frequently be employed to great advantage. Usually it is found that only one claw is affected and so it is possible to bond a wooden block to the sole of the sound claw. This not only raises the affected claw out of the dirt, so making medical and surgical treatment more effective, but more importantly is shifts the weight onto the good claw allowing the affected claw to rest.

Easy to mix and apply – clean to use
35 ml of liquid should be measured and poured into a beaker, to which the contents of one sachet (70 g powder) should be added. This should then be thoroughly mixed with the spatula provided. Within seconds, a putty-like malleable mass is produced which is easy to mould and which does not adhese to the hands. Applied directly to both the sole of the claw and wooden block the two are then bonded and the mass mouled round the join.

Saves time and money
This advanced technology, developed in conjunction with veterinary surgeons and specialists in hoof care, enables the mixing and application of Demotec 95 to be undertaken in an accurate and scientific manner in the minimum time. After the initial preparation of the good claw to ensure that it has a good bearing surface free from particles and grease, the whole operation should be completed within 2-3 minutes.

Plus factors

  • Easy to mix – powder in sachets – a measure for liquid
  • Simple to use – malleable and non sticky
  • Straightforward to apply
  • Quicker return to normal
  • Minimises economic losses – milk yield and weight gain
  • Attractively priced

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