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Demotec FuturaPad




FuturaPad is unique; one surface of the wooden block employed is covered with a flexible reactive Pad, which overcomes any uneveness of the sole and maximises adhesion over the full surface area. Bearing in mind the anatomy and the function of the claw, the reactive Pad is shaped correctly and is affixed to the wooden block in the optimal position. FuturaPad’s reactive Pad is activated by a special glue presented in a unit application pack.

The processing is done without any mixing; all components needed are included in the unit application pack and the rate of polymerisation is not dependent on the temperature; which is of considerable benefit, particularly in the winter.

Box contains:
5 x FuturaPad Left
5 x FuturaPad Right

Discounts are available for bulk purchase, please phone for further details.

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Weight 0.850 kg