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Teisen Teat-Wipes Refill


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Teisen Teat-Wipes are premium pre-milking wipes containing Ethanol and Chlorhexidine Gluconate, which are used for quick and efficient cleaning of the teats.

Conveniently supplied as refill packs and buckets, which are mounted down the length of the milking parlour, TEISEN TEAT-WIPES help the milk producer achieve low bactoscan and cell counts.

• Rapid cleaning and drying of teats
• Good stimulation of milk ‘let-down’
• Better milking-out results, due to no delay in attaching cluster
• Teat condition improved and maintained
• Milkers’ hands / gloves cleaned between cows
• Helps reduce Bactoscan and Cell Counts
• Biodegradable

Teisen Teat-Wipes Bucket-detail